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Elizabeth St Clair (Liz) is a Systems Management Consultant who combines passion for excellence with her analytical skills, providing her clients with exceptional service. Liz handles all aspects of Systems Management such as, Business Planning, Proposal Management, Project Management and Social media. Liz creates processes and procedures to educate and manage the process from development to marketing. She negotiates vendors, contracts, implementation and billing achieving the best value for her clients. Liz has created a variety of custom tools to explain Systems and their processes using Microsoft Office including word, excel, project, power point, Visio and publisher.

Prior to starting Liz St Clair’s Systems Management business Liz was an Associate Broker with Exit First Realty and ran the gambit from Business Development to Project Management with processes Liz created. Liz thrived in telecommunication as a Principal Product Development Manager, Program Manager, Senior Technical Program and Proposal Manager and Dial Central Office Repairman at ARBROS Communications, Acuity Technology, AT&T, and the U.S. Army. Notable is the number of years Liz worked as a Technical Program Manager for both Acuity and AT&T. Liz increased revenue and brought outstanding projects to closure, using her analytical skills and attention to detail to streamline the processes. Liz’s enthusiasm motivates team members to high performance. She excels at projecting the impact of current systems and devising alternatives to increase efficiency. Liz’s exceptional analytical skills and people focus made her one of the rising stars at AT&T. She has a Master’s of Science degree in System Management at Capitol College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology and Management. Liz received several awards for stepping in to bring outstanding projects to closure.

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